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We are happy to hear that the EPA through its Clean School Bus program has awarded nearly $ 1.6 Million to the Hollandale School District for the purchase of 4 all-electric buses and charging stations.  This is part of a program intended to clean up the air around schools and provide a safer/healthier environment for the students.  Congrats to the Hollandale School District on being selected for participation in this program.   They are  one of nearly 400 chosen around the country to participate.  This program entails $5 Billion in funding over a 5 year period with another round of funding set for 2023.






Not sure of the year

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A little excitement in the Delta !  Believe it or not about 4:30 pm today (Jan 8, 2019) a 3.7 magnitude earthquake centered about 6 miles Northwest of Hollandale hit and lasted for a few seconds rattling dishes over a wide area.  We felt it in our office in Greenville, shaking our building, almost like a car hitting the structure.  Two quick shocks and it was over.  I heard that it was even felt  in Arkansas.  No damage was reported but a very unusual happening for the area.  Scientists believe the 'quake was caused by one of 5 underground volcanoes under the Delta, all within a few miles.  This one is called the Panther Burn Dome.  Who knew?







Landmark Lost!
Here is all that is left of Booth's Drug Store on the corner of Washington & Morgan!
It burned in the early hours of this morning. (Oct 30, 2012).
It has been in recent times a resale shop.  





Attention: Crawdad Hole Reunion 2012 Photos



The Class of 1957

More Photos from class of 1957

HHS Reunion at the Crawdad Hole 2011
More reunion Photos


Sam Chatmon Blues Festival on Bluefront

Hollandale Celebrities

Hollandale Reunion at Leroy Percy Park, October 2009

Mid-40's photos from Hugh Tyler!

Photos from Max Fore!!

Photo's from Joe McLaurin

An adventure of Inez Scott Treadway

*** SCHOOL PHOTOS..1946-1947***

Class of 1958

Class of 1958 reunion website

HHS reunion in Jackson 2008

Shown are: (ladies) Sarah Kellum (in the back row), Marilyn Hall Allan, Sue Wade Baader & Linda Keith Franks.  The guys are: Gene Patterson, Perry Jenkins, Jimmy Brown, Rudy Jackson, Fritz Maxwell, Joe Showah, Larry Eifling, Robert Tom, Leroy Frey & Gary Clark.



This site is dedicated to life in Hollandale,  particularly from the 50's to the present and  especially to the Hollandale High School class of 1969.  If you grew up in this area and have photography you would like shown here, contact me at the email below.   



Assorted yearbook scans from the 50's and 60's
Many thanks to Charlene Jones for these.
Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4


Sports from 1937 to 1940

Pix from 1965-67  HHS










Special note: We are looking for class photos from Hollandale High School, particularly graduation class group photos, to copy and display here. If you can help please email me at the address below.  Thanks......


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