Old Hollandale

sometime in the 50's

Photo  courtesy of Torrey Wood Library

Not sure of the date of this photo, but from the looks of the cars, must be early 50's.  We know it is pre 1958 because the Post office is not there yet.  Tony's Foodland is not built and looks like Sunflower food store has yet to be constructed.  This view is to the West from just South of the Methodist Church showing the downtown area.

The old Barefield house, next door to the Hollandale Baptist church is about to be razed to make room for a church project.

The Hollandale Oil Mill  before Morgan street was built. (C. Giglio)

The original Sunflower food store, Guaranty bank, Tony's Foodland and the Post office. (C.Giglio)


Inside the "Ice House" owned by Edward Scott (circa 1928) (M. Treadway)


The Illinois Central Railway Depot