Not pictured above are:


                             Mark Marquis                Kenny Cole                   Marvin Fulwood            Betty Sue Pearson

In the class of '69,  George Stock, Jimmy Thomas, Hamp Collier, Belinda Harville and George Thompson  are deceased.  Gone but never forgotten!.

The others, as best we know are located:

Rodney   ???                                              
Danny, Hot Springs                                   Richard, Greenville???
Robert, Brandon,  MS                               Stan, Avon-Wayside
Pam O, Montana                                       Barbara, Greenville
Nancy, Greenville                                      Patricia, Tupelo
Roger, Memphis?                                        Lindsey, Houston??
Pam J., Memphis                                        Jessie, ???
Hubby, Jackson                                          Nola, ????                                           
Marsha, ??                                                  Shirley, Hollandale
Charlene, Kentucky                                   Tim, ???
Kay, Greenville                                           Mark, Cleveland
Susan, Hollandale                                      Kenny, Memphis??
Vickie, Hawaii ?                                           Marvin, ???
Marie, North Mississippi                             Betty Sue, Jackson??

Please email me with corrections...


Class of '69 in the 7th grade: