More Hollandale today..

The Roosevelt theatre disappeared by fire and my TV shop nearly did too!  The old hospital building, as nice as it once was, has been allowed to sit and run down till it is no longer useful for anything...sad...


The community house now belongs to Twin County Electric, they bought it in 2000 from the financially strapped association that had maintained it over the years.  It used to house the pictures that lined the halls of Hollandale High School as well as all the sports trophies from our school... I have not seen for myself, but I understand that townspeople have raided the photos for their own personal collections. I think the trophies are still there.  John Wayne is working with me to photograph the remaining memorabilia. 

Mr. Mosley's service station is gone and the oil mill has been closed down for several years.

Donny and Roy still have the Sunflower store and we got a new city hall in '74

Sudduth's TV shop is now a "juke-joint" & what's left of the old Hays office.


Betis shoe shop in the alley behind the old NAPA store

Don Wing Grocery and the Torrey Woods office on Washington